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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Limited Edition – Carp and Dragon | Dragon Rouge Branding (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

2018 · Marking Communication Award

In China, Mid-Autumn Festival, is an annual harvest festival which is marked by reunions among family and friends. Such reunions necessitate a prestigious gift to be presented – quite often premium, high-value alcoholic spirits are given.

All Chinese know, the gift says something about both the giver as well as the status of the receiver. As such Johnnie Walker Blue, the most premium Scotch Whiskey in their portfolio, chose to launch a Limited Edition sure to be coveted for years to come, a real collector’s edition that symbolised the pride and progress of China.

The “Carp Leaping over the Dragon Gate” Johnnie Walker Limited Edition packaging immortalizes the rivers of China and their role in the story of Chinese progress though the visual storytelling of a fable with a timeless message.

This ancient tale is visually told in a stunning illustration that truly encapsulates the spirit of not only the China’s rivers but also of the entrepreneurial dream of many in today’s China by showing imagery of China’s past and present in the design details. The overarching visual story is that of the carp - against all odds, the simple carp leaps and soars across the enormous gate embodying the story of personal transformation, perseverance and progress that has made China what it is today. As one studies the bottle design, more and more details come into focus, presenting a layered story rich in history and promise.