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BambooTea |  Sheng Tianzi, Lv You from Tsinghua University

2017 · First Prize for Students

Bamboo Tea is a creative and intriguing tea straw, its uniqueness is inserting the straw into warm water and tea can be suck out. 6 different flavors can be freely combined, the design of the straw adopts the form of bamboo, according to the flavor you have chosen, and each section can be plugged together freely. The straw is portable and convenient; apply to busy young people who love tea.

Tea can refresh, improve eyesight, and help digestion; these made a lot of people cannot live without tea, especially the office workers. Bamboo Tea have 6 package design, the outer package used animals shape, “Panda holding bamboo” as the main image of commercial and extended out the other five animal designs. The package design is full of interest, designer perfectly combined animals with bamboo, deliverers a unique felling.

The design breaks the traditional way of drinking tea, created more new cool ways to drink, with a smart filter tip structure, sucking warm water through the straw allows tea rapidly dissolve in water, different tea flavors will be release in mouth, makes tea convenient and fun, everyone will fall in love with tea. There are different kinds of teaincluding rose tealemon teagreen teacitron teajasmine tea and blueberry tea. People can match different tastes according to their needs. Purpose of the design is to make people pay attention to the tea process, enhancing people's sense of participation, and to play a subjective consciousness.