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Innovative "tape" capsules or tablets packaging | Infinitus (China) Company Ltd R&D Center

2017 · Marking Concept Award

Blister packaging for capsule or tablet is very popular currently in the market. However, some disadvantages exist for this packaging. For example, this packaging can be broken easily upon facing the pressure due to its weak strength. Capsule or tablet will be damaged too. More ever, if consumer needs to take many kinds of medicines together with them, it will be inconvenient to take so many blisters with them. In order to deal with above issues, we developed a newest packaging. Outside shell is with plastic-injection material to ensure the strength of this container. Medicine is wrapped with aluminium foil bag and rolled inside of the container. Originally aluminium foil bags packed with medicine are rolled inside of the container. Upon taking the medicine, consumer only needs to pull the bag out and get the exact quantity as per their need. The balance of the bags still stays inside of the container. This packaging ensures the security of the medicine and more convenient and comfortable. And this package can be reused after eating all the pills, which is a very environmentally friendly design.