2017 ·

The Truvivity by Nutrilite™ includes two products: Dietary Supplement (30 blister packs) and Powder Drink (30 stick packs)

l Every element is custom designed to intrigue and impress:

l Telescoping design: Elongated sliding cartons are a first for Amway. Both the supplement and powder drink packages make a dramatic departure from traditional nutrition packaging by creating aesthetic elegance and an engaging experience upon every use. Telescoping functionality offers a unique and anticipatory experience that is luxurious and iconic – the first step in an elevated beauty regimen. When fully elongated, the telescoping tray even locks to keep the carton intact and prevent product spillage.

l Reveal cover: Once opened, the consumer encounters an elegant cover, which serves the dual purpose of building momentum for the first view of the supplements and keeping them from dislodging during global distribution. Tabs on either end keep the reveal cover securely in place, to preserve the premium presentation.

l Tray and insert: The custom tray includes a slotted insert, with each slot holding two single-dose, leaf-shaped blister packs intertwined in an elegant arrangement that evokes the petals of a flower and cues the ‘Best of Science, Best of Nature’ NUTRILITE™ brand positioning. This slotted design allows efficient soldier packing of 30 doses into a single carton, while slots keep the blister packs orderly arrangement throughout product use up.

l Unexpected finishes: The proprietary package employs several innovative printing techniques. Liquid Soft Feel™ coating on the sleeve delivers a sophisticated tactile experience from first touch while durably repelling fingerprints, so the package stays beautiful through its lifecycle. The matte finish is highlighted by the reflective logo in Liquid Lustre™ and subtly emanating rays of light in Pearl Overlay, signifying ‘Beauty From Within.

Ergonomic fit: For ease of use, the telescoping design incorporates finger wells on either side of the sleeve. Unlike traditional finger wells, which are often garish, these feature a gentle radius that flows organically from the design.