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Changqing Drinking Yogurt | Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co.

2017 ·

The packaging design of Changqing PET Drinking Yogurt is consisted of visual effects of fresh fruits and splash of milk, suggesting the flavor and content of the bottle. The idea of the design is to capture the moment when freshly sliced fruits make a splash in silky white milk, implying the freshness of the fruit and milk and thus the integrity of the product. Colors used in this image should include red, yellow, purple, white and green. The contrast of vibrant colors and a white background should make image easily noticeable while maintaining a simple and elegant design. Above the image is the product logo contoured in some cloud inspired wavy lines, which should induce a feeling of brightness and openness. The line is drawn in silver to stay in line with the overall color scheme. The barcode on the side is embedded in a leaf-shaped design to help create an aroma of nature and freshness. All text in the front and on the side are artful fonts or graphics that are carefully selected to maintain the theme and style of the overall design.

Its presentation of highlights and shadowing effect as well as the touch of the color has the lightness of the product delivered both visually and emotionally by empathizing its quality ingredients. The sunshine halo further magnifies the lightness of the product and expresses the purity and inspiration of the natural product in a cozy and comfortable way that contributes to the perception of freshness and healthiness. The overall visual has the original design concept converges and focused on the packaging in its most touching and appealing way.