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Chateau Hotland-H·O·T | Left and right creative

2017 ·

Chateau HOTland is a family-style winery, they will produce a small amount of fine wine every year, the quality of wine is very recognized. The master of the winery is the three brothers, their zodiac is the chicken, monkey, cattle. In Chinese culture, zodiac chicken is a symbol of trustworthy, zodiac monkey is a symbol of wise, Zodiac cattle is a symbol of industrious. The three symbolic meaning is very consistent with the three brothers on the cause of the wine brewing early: in the Helan Mountain this hot land, the three brothers with a trustworthy, smart, hard to brew wine grapes.

On the design of the winery logo, the designer with the letter HOT were designed into chicken, monkey, cattle abstract form, meaning the identity of the three owners of the winery and their care and thought.

The design of the wine mark will chicken, monkey, cattle animal expression and demeanor with the convex process to show, to maintain a simple visual and at the same time so that consumers are more likely to think of HOT represented animals. Cartridge HOT graphics to take the hollow design, and the inner box of animal graphics coincide, forming the packaging of fun. H = chicken = trustworthy, O = monkey = wise, t = cow = industrious.