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Laiyifen New Year's Giftbox | Shanghai xiancao enterprise management co. LTD.

2017 · Marking Visual Award

As a leading brand of snack foods in China, Laiyifen has always been expected to making a high-end product line that can be the symbolic image of the brand. Therefore,we are making dedicative effort to make the "Laiyifen Gold" high-end series for the company.

The 2018 New Year's Giftbox is the first package design series. Specially allocated red,together with golden logo and typefaces which outstanding the new year's theme, are applied to the whole design work ranging from cartons for express delivery to the inner paper cans. The materials for the packages are chosen ecologically and environment-protectively. All illustrations in the packages are focused on the popular Chinese wishes for "gold on the cake", with lucky symbols specially drawn by excellent artists, including purple swallows for peace, peacocks for longevity, golds pheasants for fortune and magpies for beauty and glory.Perfectly matched with the four major snacks and their combination, the package designs present the Layifen Gold giftboxes a typical eastern aethestics of life art.