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Dou Ben Dou Soymilk | Dali Food Group Co., Ltd.

2017 ·

These entries are designed mainly based on the product development philosophy of “Natural with no additives” and the brand idea of “Let the nutrition back to real, let the life back to real”. It highlights the product characteristics of “natural, no additives, soybean nutrition” and shows a green, high quality product image. Indicating color of the LOGO is green, which lets consumers to feel the smell of nature.  Overall designs of these series soymilk products are concise and elegant, and highlight the sense of nutrition and quality. They also have different bright spots in each design of different SKUs. The organic soymilk highlights the product benefits and sense of quality through metalized effect,and appears the organic concept through the hand-drawing style picture of a farmer planting soybean. The pure soymilk highlights the concept of “true pure” with concise design style, shows the sense of quality through metalized effect and the sense of natural green through the picture of green fields. The plain soymilk highlights the product nutritional image and soymilk category attributes through the picture of soymilk flowing into the soybean fields.