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2020 · Changyu Collector's Edition Five stars

The client is a 127-year-old brandy and wine company. Consumers and brands are aging. In order to enhance the brand image and keep consumers active, the company launched the BRANDY collective edition.

It’s a brandy whose consumers were located in 40-year-old middle class. The company connected the degree of 40 with the age of 40, and made 40 an exclusive symbol for brandy. 40 is man’s age of no-doubt. This brandy involves a taste only for 40 years old. The design of the bottle also breaks through the tradition of taking rectangle as the front of the bottle, but taking angle edge as the interface, which implies the breakthrough at 40 years old, when man spans two kinds of lives. The core concept made the design special.

In the end, it was recognized by the market and customers. The order quantity on the day of product launch was 20 million yuan, and it has reached 160 million yuan so far. The wine quality also won the international award.