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2020 · Ye Kaitai Four-season syrup medication

The Chinese medicine brand under the Jianmin Group has a history of 383 years, and it is known as Tongrentang, Chen Liji, Hu Qingyutang, and is called "China's four major medicine names". How can a traditional Chinese medicine brand with more than 300 years inherit the traditional Chinese medicine culture, and truly solve and regulate the sub-healthy living state of modern people.

Ye Kaitai adopts nine ancient processes, selects nine Chinese herbal medicines, and develops a series of health-care products made by hand-made [Four Seasons Cream Recipe]. The product combines the different scenes of the four seasons with the efficacy of the corresponding herbs. Replenishing blood; summer long dragonfly, Wumei Shengjin to quench thirst; autumn harvest back Yan Nanfei, Sydney clears lungs and moisturizes; winter Tibetan butterfly turns cocoons, ginger sugar warms the palace to dispel cold. The uppercase "玖" reinforces the history of the product with the ancient style of the script. The nine carved techniques combined with pictographs are combined into the shape of the plum blossom window sash; the quality and ingenuity of the product are strengthened. Using traditional flower and bird brushwork combined with gold drawing techniques. Each type of paste is perforated with the image of a copper pot, and the expression method is combined with Ma Yuan's "Layered Waves and Overlaps" of the Southern Song Chinese painting. The waves are thick and strong like the tortuous waves made by the paste. Combining traditional Chinese art with aesthetic mood and products, the product quality image is reborn.

Won the "Gold Award" in the Central South Star Competition in December 2019.