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2020 · Fermented coconut drink


Fermented coconut is the plant protein beverage of live fermentation with the fresh coconut juice as the raw material. The taste and nutrition of fermented coconut juice are obviously different from that of the common coconut juice. In this regard, customers hope to convey the category feature of “fermented coconut juice” to the consumers quickly by package design.


Freshness and fermentation are the two typical features of the product, moreover, the two interest concepts of “freshness” and “slow fermentation” are commonly recognized by people after in-depth communication. The whole tag design is carried out in accordance with the two interest points and we regard the bottle shape as the entire design of the package. With rich creation, the designers combine the shrinkage of bottle shoulder with the visual memory of quickly cutting the fresh coconut for drinking. On the bottle shoulder, the visual characteristics of rope binding (fermented wine vinegar) make the consumers directly feel that it is in line with the features of fermented products.


We solution is highly recognized by customers since it helps to solve the problem as how to keep the product’s own features by relying on the existing public resource in the market with fierce competition of new products, at the same time, it is supposed to occupy the visual characteristics of category leader with the minimum recognition cost by package design.