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2020 · Drinkfinity


The impetus behind the design of the Drinkfinity platform was to solve for a shift in today’s beverage market. Consumers are moving beyond single use plastic bottles and sugary beverages to options that offer cleaner, low calorie flavors and, in parallel, adopting reusable bottles for improved sustainability and hydration.


Drinkfinity developed an innovative bottle and pod hydration system that empowers the consumer to hydrate more sustainably while also offering the option to create flavorful, functional beverages. The 20-ounce, stainless steel, vacuum insulated bottle silhouette is distinctive and instantly recognizable. This design is a direct visual of the innovation it encompasses. The spherical cap at the apex of the bottle celebrates the core ritual of popping the pod, and through its range of bold and contrasting colors, the bottle helps consumers connect with it in a more emotional way, adopting it as their daily hydration sidekick.

The aim of Drinkfinity is to become a responsible beverage brand and as a part of this vision, is committed to offering consumers a range of great-tasting beverages while making its packaging more sustainable and fueling future growth. The Drinkfinity pod is smaller and more concentrated, it is compartmentalized to house both dry and liquid ingredients without water making it far more portable and as a result easier to ship. You can recycle all your used pods through the Loop recycle program. Mail up to 30 used pods at a time directly to Loop Industries — at no additional cost to you.


Drinkfinity has created a new beverage category. It fulfills a certain need for those who feel that water is “boring” by offering an alternative. This alternative features a flavor enhanced low-calorie beverage with a reusable water bottle. Drinkfinity offers nine distinct flavor profiles across three different functions; electrolyte, vitamin and caffeine pods.

Compared to a typical disposable 20-ounce bottle beverage, a Pod uses up to 65%** less plastic and as a result requires 64% less plant space to produce. Pods use 27%** less water and emit 32%** less greenhouse gas emissions, in part because it takes 7 times** fewer trucks to deliver them.
**Life Cycle Assessment of Drinkfinity vs. a 20-ounce comparable beverage implemented by Franklin & Associates and peer reviewed.