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2020 · Orion EX Gum

Gen Z,consumers' taste demands for products are constantly changing, and they are more and more in pursuit of all-round experience. Therefore, the customers require that the gum packaging should be more cool, more fashionable, and more close to the habits and preferences of young people. At the same time, they need to focus on promoting the brand awareness of hollywoo EX.

After in-depth insight into customer needs,EFONEW team first of all in the font design level will be good friends and her EX segmentation, enlarge the EX at the core of image design appearance, to strengthen the new brand recognition, at the same time according to different taste, ingredients + adornment element of illustration is adopted to improve the performance, clarify taste at the same time, convey the joy when chewing gum and novelty.

After being introduced to the market, Orion EX gum has brought surprises to consumers again and again. Whether it is the lovely capsule shape, the elegant and fashionable design and the softer chewing sensation, it has won the unanimous praise of young consumers and brought vitality to the chewing gum market.