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2020 · Natural Food

With the popularity of national brands, domestic brands begin to cooperate with cultural IP. From 2019, clients start to cooperate with the Forbidden City, combines [Health preservation with five cereals] with royal cuisine, thus the way of health preservation in Chinese style is spread. The products to be upgraded this time are two products of health preserving pill series, which have two flavors, black sesame flavor and red bean seed of Jobs tears flavor, and are mainly for the contemporary urban female consumers to maintain a balanced diet and intestinal circulation.

For the same type of products on the market, production process and consumption scenarios are emphasized in communication. As our customers have strict requirements on raw materials and pay attention to food safety. As a company at the leading position in grain sales, our strategy is to distinguish from other products on the market, surprise consumers with experience, and promote the secondary communication of consumers.Two paintings: [Holding Watch to Chrysanthemum]and [Butterfly Appreciation at Spending Summer at Leisure] from [Beauties of Emperor Yongzheng] are selected for us, implying that female consumers have a healthy and beautiful life. The paper cutting, beauties and wing rooms embody space level in packaging, and butterflies add a trace of vitality to the packaging. Combined with the experience process of consumers, we use a three-dimensional greeting card structure on the top of the inner box, which is integrated into the props in the wing room to give consumers a bright surprise.

When innovating the packaging of the product, our team incorporate the concepts of promotion, creating a brand topic for spreading, also, full put advertisements via online media like Xiaohongshu, Bilibili and Tiktalk. After the packaging officially appears on the market, with the promotion of the new products, the sales volume amounts to 25000 times and the comments reach 20000 pieces that month.