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2020 · Secret Yogurt

EF]Yogurt market competition is fierce, how to win as a late brand?[BACKGROUND]As a domestic regional yoghurt group, the group has a certain popularity in Henan and central China, but how to compete with Mengniu, Yili and other national brands and the first brand on the way to national market development? In order to improve the brand image and create better market performance, the brand upgrading plan was carried out in 2019.Through competitive product analysis (different brands of the same category), the market share, sales, distribution channels, competitive advantages and consumer characteristics of this foreign flavor yoghurt are explored in depth from online and offline dimensions. At the same time, we also start from the yoghurt itself, from the product shape, flavor, color, ingredient content, as well as brand story, online image, TA^s favorite media platform for comprehensive integration and packaging.

1.Symbolization : The yogurt market had diversified products frequently. The client hoped that the newly developed special flavor product line (new Russian flavor yogurt) could be fully shaped from its name, packaging form, packaging KV(two lines of normal and cold chain), outer packing, branding KV to brand story.2.Upgrading high-end product line : Refrigerated yoghurt with higher nutrition, and upgrading brand image, to position the high price yogurt market.3.For this Russian and Greek style yogurt, we took the landmark buildings of Russia and Greece as the inspiration, mixed the color of yogurt and foreign buildings. The cold chain version used a unique packaging shape and top cover, so that consumers could feel the exotic style of the product at a glance. The normal version was shaped in portable Tetra Classic.

1.Drving sales : This series product achieved 66.5% increasing on e-commerce channel, and 28.5% increasing on overall offline channels.2.Overall strategy upgrading the product, accomplishing the VI on design and structure of the bottle.