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Label Design | Marking Visual Award 2020 (Label Design Category)

2020 · 【Borjomi Water】IDS Borjomi International

The main goal of our product in CAN: the penetration among young TA 18-30 years old with the key message “You can't hide your character” that means you are unique, you should express yourself, live the life you want to, follow your dreams and listen to your passions. Is extremely popular among youth for its convenient on-the-go format and limited edition designs as well as for its functional qualities. The main goal of New Year campaign: make consumers use product before, during and even after the holidays, making the festive period longer! Slogan of campaign "Holiday for #borjoming". It means have fun, have fun time/leisure, celebrate, play a little naughty, play a little fun, enjoy life every moment. To support this campaign agencies were required to develop limited edition design.

The festive design was created as harmonious combination of bright colors and fireworks, a modernly stylized figure of a noble deer and the brand's signature Georgian Green color. The new packaging attracts attention to the "festive” line of this product and reminds us that the magic time is coming. PREMIUM QUALITY. Matt varnish emphasize the premium product. NATURAL 3D EFFECT. Well-balanced composition of the design elements and color range together with seamlessly integrated metallic luster create a 3D effect. PERFECT TRENDY “INSTA-PRODUCT”. Design involved consumers to interact by posting the pictures of festive cans and writing positive comments (see examples in ppt file) DIGITAL PRODUCT – THE SOURCE OF GREAT UNIQUE EXPERIENCE FOR CONSUMERS. Special augmented reality application was designed to promote the festive campaign. Using smartphone application customers could make the Deer alive – talking to them and guiding them through the manual to record video greetings and selfies with animated masks and funny holiday filters.

The developed design has become one of the most successful designs of our company. The brand is super premium (the price of the product is 3-6 times higher than the average price on the market), its consumption culture has already co-formed, therefore it is difficult to achieve a significant increase in sales, but thanks to the festive design we gained a 6% increase in sales!!! Grateful consumers actively published admiration and thanks for the new design (photos of publications are attached to the presentation slides). But not only consumers praised the packaging design. He received high marks from several international competitions. In particular, entered the TOP-100 Packaging of the world (https://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2018/12/top-packaging-projects-of-2018.html?m=1). Also it took 1st place in Global Bottled Water Awards of Zenith in category Best Can (https://www.fdbusiness.com/winners-of-the-2019-global-bottled-water-awards/).