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2020 · ZuiYongLong-Tieguanyin Tea Packaging

1. To highlight the nobility and sense of status of this product, the company and minnan people like the sense of wealth and dignity of the line of the court wind to integrate together; 2. Please intuitively reflect the meaning of the product name on the box. Since the market is minnan, please try to make the design and application intuitive and visually rich; 3. The packaging of different prices needs to use different materials to obviously pull apart the value level; 4. It is convenient for packaging and transportation, and the inner box packaging should not pass the smoke film as far as possible, with low loss; 5. Due to the urgent time, please focus on the difficulty of design and implementation.

Tieguanyin, created during the reign of emperor yongzheng, was given the name qianlong emperor, from quanzhou in southern fujian. In terms of design, the most valued buildings of minnan people, namely, the diaolianghuadong and the texture of red brick, are used as the conceptual elements. Among them, the technique of "traditional pile cutting technology" of quanzhou cuo house beam carving is reflected on the packaging cover, and the elements and techniques of "traditional pile cutting technology" are extracted and shown in the illustration. At the same time, relevant minnan elements are added, and the refined technology on the printing is used to show the high-end atmosphere and rich and exquisite packaging. The classic red brick texture in minnan architecture is presented simultaneously. The whole through the relevant color matching, so that the court from the outside to the inside throughout the end, so that each link from the handbag, gift box, inside box, title page and bubble bag are full of noble spirit.

In recent years, fujian tieguanyin tea market category because the rise of rock tea category is not in the past, but the company entrust us design of the product through the fit packing design, make the enterprise by leaps and bounds, tieguanyin category sales by local businesses and minnan dealers, south of fujian province and the south of fujian province outside the majority of customers favorite.