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Label Design | Weigang

2020 · Fresh Flavor Yogurt

This product is targeted for young consumers. They persue fashionable and simple design, preferrable the design can reflect the characteristics of the product, moreover can also meet young consumers’ needs to express themselves and share interesting things with friends.

In order to meet the needs of targeted consumers, we designed this consise package, the artwork presents the ingredient origin and the flavor of this product clearly, so consumer can make choice easily based on their preferences, moreover, we applied interesting slangs to increase interactions with young consumers, also these slangs help media interactions too which is an extra benefit for our product.

This product has four flavors, for each flavor three visions are applied which includes the most popular slangs along young consumers, and these interesting lines resonate with consumers of their daily life. The designs are concise, clean and uncluttered, which are popular among young consumers. The sales volume exceeds over 10,000 per day after its launch.