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2020 · Avgoulakia (Eggs)

When you want to taste a classic product in an unexpected way, you need unexpected packaging, a great logo and an imaginative website that make a 'tasty' difference… According to the brief we were given, that's what we had to create for this brand (egg packaging / for the Greek market): a creative concept that could convey the uniqueness of the brand in a modern and playful way, and merge the magic of high-quality eggs with the magic of branding.

The chicken or the egg dilemma is commonly stated as “which came first: the chicken or the egg?” - well, in this case... the chickens definitely steal the show! Enchanted by the power of stories and tales, we created a visual narrative… about 3 special chickens / heroines; Captain Mahe for free-range eggs, Madame Coco for bio eggs and Miss Nelly for barn-laid eggs. That's how we added a human touch: a touch that implies the high quality of the brand!

The branding has had an immense impact on the success of the product since it gets consumers' attention and is considered as really eye-catching by the majority of them. The vivid, fun, modern approach (unusual for the egg sector / industry in the Greek market) has made the difference and a striking visual statement!