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2020 · Lepur's Stardust Box

We believe that the food we choose forms part of the body, allowing good nutrients to protect your body, so we initially wanted to design a seven-day heat control plan for quality users. Inspired by the universe, we associate the elements of the universe with the nutritional elements in the substitute meal powder, and combine food, aesthetics and philosophy to give the substitute bottle more meaning. Protect you and your loved ones with the best food experience, and feel the greatness of the universe together, getting nutrition and wisdom from food.

The nutritional elements of the Stardust bottle are similar to the basic elements of the universe, and every atom in the body comes from an exploding star, so the idea was inspired by the idea that "We are all Stardust". 8 bottles of substitute meal powder corresponding to different planets, arranged for a week of heat control plan. The bottle uses real and natural planet graphics and detailed texture to associate cosmic elements with nutritious elements for meal substitutes. The name of the substitute bottle comes from celestial bodies. For example, Sunday is a day belonging to the sun, called obsidian day in Japanese. The outer shell of the Stardust gift box is a quiet and mysterious space. When opened, the design of the card hollowed out on the bottle makes the concept of the planet more realistic. In addition, a postcard with snowflake screen pattern is presented, which represents the afterglow of the light of creation, implying the most everlasting existence and giving the gift box meaning to the loved one. After drinking, the light bulb can light the bottle, show the beauty of light and shadow, and realize the recycling of the bottle.

The Stardust Box sold 2000 sets in the first month. In the social media, it is highly appreciated of creativity and quality by astronomical fans, universe enthusiasts and people who controls the weight. The passage which explains the creative ideas of Stardust Box in our official account have received more than 50,000 readings and hundreds of positive messages.