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Rainforest Ancient Tree Tea - Hongtianwang | Rongbrand

2019 · 2019 Marking Communication Award

Xishuangbanna is crowned as the only emerald on the dessert belt of the Tropic of Cancer. Camellia assamica, used to make Hongtianwang, grows in Xishuangbanna, the number of which is so invaluable that it has to be calculated by the tree.

Every tea tree has lived over four hundred years. It is so rare that equally rare visual identity is needed to embody it. The design team manages to find the visual element of 'wild elephant' which is the symbol of the primordial rainforest of Xishuangbanna. Because the extent to which it is rare is similar to that of Camellia assamica, the design team uses 'wild elephant' to demonstrate the primitivity and rarity of 'Hongtianwang'. Not only is the product the essence of the world rare Camellia assamica, the packaging is the great combination of the tangible cultural heritage of Yunnan.

In addition to the three-dimensional elephant formed by the tin art of Gejiu, Yunan, known as the city of Tin, the design team also takes the advantage of expression techniques of the straightforward wood block of Jiama, Dali, Yunan to illustrate the 'four treasures of the rainforest' which are elephants, peacocks, loons, and spotted spotted birds, allowing the product to boast the collection property of material and culture comprehensively.