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44°N by Comte de Grasse | forceMAJEURE Design & CHIC Agency

2019 · 2019 Marking Visual Award

"Comte de Grasse is a groundbreaking new luxury spirits distillery, born from the town of Grasse, the heart and soul of French perfumery. The new-to-world brand nourishes its visionary essence from the terroir, raw materials and advanced state-of-art in distillation techniques concentrated in Grasse, while remaining true to its aesthetics inspired by the light and vibrations of the South of France and the magic of the Mediterranean coast.

Inspired by Grasse’s authentic perfume know-how and the French Riviera's romantic charm, entrant  defined the gin’s naming as 44°N – the location coordinate for Grasse—placing the geographical origin of Comte de Grasse and its first creation in a logotype that affirms a new contemporary and essential luxury. Our packaging design for the bottle is reminiscent of the perfumer’s workshop, infused with the inimitable power of escape, captured in the absolute of Klein blue and the striking contrast of solar and pure yellow. The low relief of the bottle has been manually carved to restore the Mediterranean's magical sun and douceur de vivre. The cap, signed with the monogram of Comte de Grasse, completes the dimension of the perfumer’s touch while creating a new opening ritual for the spirit brand."