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Kai Xiao Zao Self-cook Rice | Hangzhou Hotdesign Co.,Ltd. & Uni-president Enterprises (China) Investment Co.,Ltd.

2019 · 2019 Marking Functional Award

In modern life, the memory of the firewood hearth has gradually faded away, but the food cooked by the firewood hearth has a mellow taste on the tongue that people will never forget for a long time. The traditional hearth is large as well as the pots. Every time you add firewood to make a fire to cook, it feels like a ritual.

The product belongs to self-heating food, and its design is inspired by the elements of the hearth. Two round cookers are combined to form a circular runway, with dishes on the left and rice on the right. The product has upper cover, food and rice container and lower container. A decorative pressure-bearing strengthening structure is designed in the vertical direction of the left and right of the lower container. This product's heating mode also comes from the "firewood fire" of the hearth. Through the interaction between the spontaneous heating package and water, the high temperature lasting for about 12 to 15 minutes makes the water boiling and producing a large amount of high-temperature water vapor to fill the whole packaging box. All-round integrated design of the steam flow path and steam outlet location of food and rice container and lower container let each steam as fully as possible keep in touch with food for enough time, that restores the essence of each dish of the five-star hotel chef's "pan gas", and restores the northeastern selected rice comes from the golden rice producing area of 45-48 degrees north latitude and has more than 1350 hours of sunshine.