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2019 · 2019 Marking Prospective Award

Before Smeal was promoted in China, there wasn't any bottled powder in the Chinese market and had no complete production equipment. It can be said that we pioneered the category of bottled powder. Not only have we developed production equipment, but also designed preforms to make them more stretchable. From blowing to designing, we rebuilt the entire supply chain.

In terms of production technology, we have solved the mass production process.

In terms of packaging, we have upgraded the original packaging forms and been making powder products more convenient to carry and drink, and more visually transmitted as well.

In terms of packaging design, Smeal team has taken the effect of the display into consideration to the greatest extent because of its powder texture. We adopted the method of color gradation and full transparency. We put our Logo and the pure expression of principal components on the front side of the bottle. At the same time, consumers can see the difference between powder and liquid intuitively.

After pouring in cold water, the color will present another visual effect - the change from powder to liquid, and we hope that it can significantly improve the sense of ritual.