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Kai Xiao Zao Self-cook Rice | Bridge PetCare Co., Ltd. & Tetra Pak

2019 · 2019 Marking Functional Award

It comes natural for dogs and cats to eat meat. As the owner of your pet, it is better to change the staple food for your pet that eats too may puffed dry food. Entrants create a STEAMING Series, which can be eaten as a staple wet food. The package is made of “Tetra Recart” material that can be easily opened at any time to make the food delicious for a long time. There is a variety of ingredients for you to choose from. You can bring a rich staple food to your pet.

In the packaging design, the picture is centered on the symbolic “STEAMING” trying to bring a strong visual impact to strengthen the memory of consumers. The multiple colours match the rich ingredients, demonstrating the exquisiteness and high quality of the food in a way forming a fun and integrated connection in the continuous display.

STEAMING Series was successfully listed in 2018 and won high praise from consumers.Containing more than 91% meat, to meet the pets’ nature of carnivorous.Using the full nutrition diet structure and no-cereal formula to satisfy the daily needs of nutrition of pets and care for their delicate stomachs.Adding delicious soup to make the pet taste better; especially the cat who does not like to drink water. MEATY MEATY can help them to intake water.Locking the original nutrition and the taste (without preservatives) with high-temperature cooking process.Environmentally friendly packaging 9 layers of paper can be stored for 24 months at the normal temperature (not open).