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Budweiser 2018 EDM Limited Edition | JKR

2019 · 2019 Marking Communication Award

The brand’s 360 Music Campaign is the key equity builder to rekindle affinity with Chinese young generation by tapping into their love of electronic dance music (EDM). The entrant’s task was to design the Limited-Edition Music Bottle that would give the brand a distinct EDM style to cut through a saturated territory and strengthen the trendsetter image. Adding a layer of complexity to the challenge was the fact that the Music Campaign itself doesn’t have a specific visual asset to leverage – each year is a battle to create something truly ownable by the brand.

The entrant’s strategy to create distinction was to give life to the brand’s own unique asset: the iconic "Budweiser Bowtie". The entrant integrated it with the universal symbol of EDM – the DJ. By visually fusing the spirit of the brand with the soul of EDM along with the brand’s striking red blue and white brand colors, the entrant created a completely ownable and true-to-brand design.