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Brisk x Marvel Studios Wakanda Forever Special Edition | PepsiCo Design&Innovation

2019 · 2019 Marking Communication Award

To celebrate the premiere of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, PepsiCo launched a limited-edition package that combines ultra-premium technologies with a unique product design. The high-tech package includes a magnetic carton with fully-printed, HiLight – Smart LED® lights that illuminate when activated to reveal Wakandan script and set the stage for the Brisk Black Panther can. Mimicking the Black Panther character, the aluminum can features a tactile varnish that emphasizes graphic elements. The textured effect was achieved with a UV LED direct object printer and brings the character’s costume to life. The aluminum can includes a 3D printed attachment inspired by Black Panther’s iconic mask. This application for 3D printing is a unique use of new technology in the beverage category. Multi Jet Fusion technology brought the complex geometries to life. The combination of these technologies was inspired by the Wakandan nation and their use of advanced technology in daily life.

Entrant wanted to create something truly new, memorable and authentically relevant to brand purpose while celebrating the blockbuster film Black Panther and the important moment in culture it inspired. Influencer giveaways and movie partnership limited-edition packaging has become a common practice in the beverage industry. So common, it has lost its charm and excitement. Our biggest challenge was to stand out from the crowd. It was important to design a package which drives buzz organically, encourages social media interaction, and is sought after by the consumer.

By combining unique production technologies and super-premium print techniques, Entrant created a unique limited-edition package that heroes the Brisk product while celebrating the title character, Black Panther. The technologies used were selected to reflect the high-tech nation of Wakanda and to creatively interpret the costume design of the character’s suit. The full package was conceptualized, engineered and produced in less than six months to align with the movie release and holistic marketing campaign.

Every facet of this design invites the recipient to touch and interact with the product. From the raised high-gloss varnish tribal patterns on the outer box to the tactile mask texture and 3D ear attachment, the package encourages exploration. The magnetic flaps on the outer box are strong enough to maintain the structure but also provide haptic cues that the box can be opened into a stage for the can. The blue button in the center of the front panel says, “PRESS TO ACTIVATE”, guiding the user to ignite the LED lighting for the final transformation. User-accessible and replaceable AA batteries ensure that this effect will remain available into the future.

The influencer kit, and this package in particular, drove tremendous social media engagement for the brand. Actors, musicians and athletes posted organically about the package on their social channels. Many consumers engaged in conversations with the Brisk social account, seeking out the products. Various unboxing videos surfaced organically on YouTube and have driven over 1.6MM views since launch. This result is incredible considering that only 250 influencer kits were produced and only 200 were distributed to influencers across the country. The total number of earned media impressions is over 51MM. This package was also featured in earned media interviews with one of the movie’s biggest stars on various news networks and online platforms including KTLA, Yahoo! And NFL Network.

Entrant supports Creators working in all creative disciplines and this package had the ability to highlight costume design in a unique format. More broadly, the design was a successful part of a holistic media campaign to shine a light on the creators behind the Black Panther movie.