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Baicaowei packaging design | L3 Branding

2019 · 2019 Best Design of Business Value

Baicaowei, a snack manufacturer with 9 categories and more than 300 products, is annoyed by the fact that it just has too many things to offer to establish visible connections between them. Various snack companies have only slight, if any, differences in quality or flavor, so these two aspects are hard to highlight on packages. In response to this dilemma, our idea is to dig gold in snack’s mouthfeel and shape. Entrant would arrange snacks in curious patterns, take high-def photos and put them on packages. In doing this, entrant solve the problem that various products would seem unrelated as more come out. Furthermore, background color would be used to signify categories or families. Photos of real food help represent its premium quality, and tease customers into trying. The snacks are arranged in a full and continuous manner so that people would feel abundance and worthiness. Be & Cheery thus establishes a unique visual asset, differentiates itself from the fierce competition, and build strong bonds between products, flavors, categories and families.