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2019 · 2019 Best Design of Business Value

When we take the case of the Chinese liquor series of Yong Feng Jiu Fang from Beijing Erguotou Co. Ltd., we give up the traditional design methodology of Chinese liquor and replaced it with more focus on the emotional connection between the brand and consumers. Furthermore, we explored more possibilities regarding creative design concepts, packaging materials and consumer interaction.

It is common in Chinese culture that liquor is cultural inheritance, yet we advocated a younger brand image and gave more lights on the fact that liquor is a special medium for emotion communication. People consume liquor is as a result of emotional expression, while none of them drink spirit for inheriting the existing thousand-years liquor culture in this country. Also, liquor consuming does not limit to simple scenes between men and men, men and women, or women and women. Each situation may contain countless possibilities, be it friendship, business, partnership etc. So we came up with a slogan saying that 'Passion brings infinite possibilities', which underlays well for the brand's marketing movements as well. When people uncap the bottle, a journey of exploring infinite possibilities with passion starts, enhancing the emotion connection between the brand and consumers.

As for the packaging material selection, we adopted aluminum bottle considering transportation, safety, user experience and environment protection. 12 months destructive tests solved the safety issue with built-in coating, making the choice of aluminum bottle innovative as Chinese liquor is often packed in glasses and ceramics which are too heavy and fragile to be easily transported and not environmental friendly (it takes more than 10 million years to degrade the ceramic bottle). However the aluminum bottle can tackle these problems with characteristics of lightweight, recyclable, comfortable sense of touch and high-end feeling!