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Budweiser 2018 FIFA Limited Edition | JKR

2019 · 2019 Best Design of Business Value

For this year's FIFA World Cup, The brand needed a Limited-Edition Bottle for China to be launched across 25 cities. The objective was to transform the global "Light Up" communications platform into an impactful design, creating a collector's item that would excite Chinese football fans and beer drinkers alike. It was a considerable design challenge: Just how do you capture the energy of a larger than life event, and distill it into the palm of your hand?

The design team saw the light within the iconic "Budweiser Bowtie". From this element, FIFA's euphoric energy emanated from the "Budweiser Bowtie" as graphic light beams, transforming into the dominant flag colors of eight participating countries. What started as a limited-edition pack design also inspired a distinctly campaign visual identity that was used in nationwide communications across 200,000 touch points. Within first week of launch, almost 200,000 bottles were sold, sending suppliers scrambling to meet demands even before FIFA officially kicked off.