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Pasta packaging | Zhao Yawen - Sichuan Conservatory Of Music

2019 ·

Spaghetti is a great variety and there are more than 500 kinds of spaghetti in the world. Spaghetti shapes are very different and distinctive. This package combined with the features of three spaghetti models. Each package can accurately and vividly express the characteristics of its corresponding spaghetti. And the modeling elements of Italian buildings and objects are integrated into it. Pen-shaped spaghetti packaging draws on the Italian leaning Tower of Pisa modeling features. Spiral spaghetti packaging design draws on the features of the Roman Colosseum. Butterfly spaghetti packaging is based on the Italian coffee pot. The opening form adopts the opening form of rotary drawing, which makes the package more concise. With better sealing, it is more convenient when pouring out the noodles. Color on the packaging uses the traditional blue-yellow collocation, calm and with a sense of age. The unique shape of packaging, design aesthetic and details can make you feel unique Italian culture charm while enjoying the Italian cuisine.