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LoneWolf | B&B studio

2019 ·

LoneWolf is a new brand creation for the spirits arm of famous craft brewers BrewDog. As one of the few distilleries that creates all its liquid from scratch, LoneWolf challenges the conventions of the craft spirits category. We were asked to create the brand identity and packaging design for the gin and vodka products.

The brand design for LoneWolf is deliberately pared back to emphasize the spirit over the brand. A distilled wolf’s head identity reflects the brand name and positions the brand as a unique outsider in the category. In defiance of familiar design codes, both gin and vodka are packaged in identical bottles, each featuring a removable typed label affixed with a special silicon band for an ultra-minimal feel. With the label removed, the bespoke embossed bottle ensures the spirit is the focus. Minimal and utilitarian in approach and style, the design allows LoneWolf to truly stand alone. It defiantly differentiates itself from the current craft trend.

LoneWolf Gin and Vodka were launched in January 2017 in BrewDog’s bars and on its website. Within a year, both had won listings in Tesco and Sainsbury’s, with the gin available in Morrison’s too. The canned G&Ts can also be found in Tesco.