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Change Soul Beverage | WUXING Company

2019 ·

Core substance: Through a special visual hammer, the audience can quickly identify, form memory points, and enhance awareness and reputation. Let more audience become brand's disseminators.

Creative thinking: Product is extended with the idea of vegan (Change soul). With an atmosphere of light life and vegetarianism for the audience, the brand view is related to the audience. It chooses swan, which can be easily remembered. First, Swan and audience (women) are directly associated with each other. The swan's nobility, purity and elegance echo the audience. Second, product philosophy: swan's lightweight expression of light life, the body of a swan created from a leaf, highlight the vegetarianism, nature and health.

Specific creative process: First of all, the entrant will look for an animal image to express the product concept. Through investigating and studying the symbolic meaning of different animals. Finally, the swan's static movement on the water cut out an image of a green leaf ! And green leaves represent green, healthiness and nature! After several adjustments, the shape of the green leaf and the curve of the swan blend perfectly ! "Vegan" means "Speaker"! It carefully depicts the swan's action of lowering its head and pouring out its words. After dozens of detailed adjustments to the curvature of the swan's neck, crown shape means " Queen" for female consumers! Finally the luxury fruit juice is perfectly presented.