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New Year ‘Red Envelope’ Theme Box | GreenBite Brand

2019 ·

Sharing Food & sending blessings are a must-have for the Chinese New Year. But how to get rid of the aesthetic fatigue of the traditional New Year gift box, find a balance between tasty and fun and bring out new experience in the process of blessing and sharing, is the main task of the entrant’s creative development this time.

From the appearance of the first paper red envelope more than 100 years ago, to the advent of the electronic red envelope in 2014, no matter how the form changes, the meaning of the red envelope to you and me is always the delivery of the good blessing.’ Inspired by this, the creative team packaged the ‘blessings’ into snacks and combined the traditional Chinese ‘red envelope’ elements into the design of this ‘pig bless you’ new-year package. They developed series of ‘red envelopes’ that you can eat!

12 boxes of snacks represent 12 New Year's best wishes,with the image of a cute pig, happy and vivid. Send blessings while sharing snacks and interacting with friends and family. Whether it is the ‘Greeting Gift’ for the New Year or the ‘Starting- for- Work Lai See’ after the year, this product will be a very practical choice.

One more thing, the team has left a ‘little gimmick’ on the packaging- there’s an inside layer in each box which you can place cashes or cards. In this way, the packaging of each small box is no longer the waste paper thrown after eating, but can be used as a real red envelope. The multi-use of packaging is not only environmental protection but also add a bit of heartful and ritual feeling when sharing the snacks. Once the box is shared, it gives a surprising experience when one opens the package. And most importantly, the surprise can be easily DIY-ed by the users themselves.