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Baoji CNY Tea & Snacks Gift Box | Shanghai ChiBaoLe Info Tech Limited Company

2019 ·

The brand has always been committed to the modern interpretation of the traditional Chinese foods and snacks.

The gift choice of Spring Festival has become the hottest topic when it comes to the end of the year. A gift box containing tea and snacks has emerged for this particular festival.

The exquisite octagonal gift box is inspired by the “traditional Chinese candy box” (Cuan He in Chinese). “Cuan”,means reunion and gathering. That is the implied meaning we have for this design that combines the traditional culture with the modern taste, which makes it become the best choice for CNY's gift.

The design uses a modern Chinese visual style. Cute golden pigs on the cover with the decoration of lanterns, magpies, flowers etc echo the theme of the “Golden Pig Celebration”. The whole work expresses the perfect New Year's wishes of luck and fortune.

Functionally, the design of the box has made a fine division of the space. It contains all the Chinese snacks necessary for CNY holiday which comes from 11 regions across of China.

The gold embossed processing for some patterns makes the design complete and satisfies the dual needs of quality and beauty of the new generations.