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10:15 Cold-brewed Green Tea | Shanghai Xiancao Brand Marketing Consulting Co., LTD

2019 ·

Focusing on the fast growing cold-brewed tea market, Caiyunjian first launched its Cold-brewed Green Tea 10:15, of which portability, reliability and identifiability are taken into consideration in the package design as well as the freshness for its outdoor consuming purposes.

1. The combination of black and bright green makes the package a high-end brand image for the cool and different young consumers.

2. The unique numeral name, 10:15, enables the brand to easily stand out of the traditional ones.

3. The visual focus is made from a combination of the outline of triangular tea bags and the hour and minute hands of a clock.

4. The crystal tea bag makes it easy to go with bottled water.

5. The tins sealed with aluminum foil secure the freshness and safety and make it more valuable in appearance.