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2019 ·

Baicaowei has launched series Spring Festival Nut Gift Box for six consecutive years. In China, the Spring Festival is the most important festival and is also the sales season for the food and beverage industry, and the snack nuts account for about 45% of the online food categories. In accordance with the culture of the Spring Festival, we take full use of the emotion to design packages, and to co-celebrate the New Year with consumers from the shape to the artistic conception of our products. In 2018, Baicaowei roundly upgraded all the Spring Festival Nut Gift Box into three segments: Nostalgic Chinese Flavor, Royal Chinese Flavor and Auspicious Chinese Flavor.

1.The packaging pictures of our Nostalgic Chinese Flavor products originate from the traditional New Year celebrations of our 1.4 billion Chinese people. All of the gift boxes are separately depicted with five scenes which are quite impressive to many people, including the grandma's stove, grandma's paper-cut, watching Spring Festival Gala with the family, eating New Year's Eve dinner with all family members, playing firecrackers with friends, etc.. The pictures use acrylic texture, with a thick painting method, which complements the traditional Spring Festival cultures. The perspective of illustration is similar to the flat perspective of peasant painting, while the colors are energetic and fashionable, which are more attractive and in line with the public's aesthetic.

2、The packaging pictures of our Royal Chinese Flavor products originate from the Summer Palace, which is solemn and time-honored in people's minds. In recent years, with the revival of Chinese literary creations, the Palace Museum, the Summer Palace and other ancient attractions have gradually changed, becoming closer to people and enjoying people's increasing attention. To most Chinese people, the Summer Palace represents the royal life, which we deem is quite similar with the scene of giving gifts during the Spring Festival. There are two kinds of gift boxes, Fuguihuakai and Bafangchaohe. The former is based on the small stand cabinet of the Tibetan red sandalwood carved dragon top box in the Summer Palace, and its whole appearance is like a cabinet, which has the same pronunciation of "expensive and valuable" in Chinese; the outer cabinet is carved with cloud and dragon patterns, with the meaningful pictures of birds and phoenixes. And the later one is drawn from the shape of the Buddhist incense Pavilion of the Summer Palace in the Qianlong period, and is outlined with the classic Eight-sided design, which implies the New Year celebrations and shows the royal style.Aiming at the needs for Spring Festival New Year, we put forward the concepts of "everything is be just perfect (has the same pronunciation with the box in Chinese)" and "goods are all valuable". At the same time, these two kinds of gift boxes can also be reused as storage cabinets after enjoying the food, and gifts with the Summer Palace elements will also be delivered to consumers. The products occupy the first place in the whole industry in two days after selling online.

3、The Auspicious Chinese Flavor is the creative design of Baicaowei. After 3-month's reading abundant ancient books and documents, the designer finally designed a series of gift boxes which can automatically express New Year's greetings. These products are divided into three themes: blessing, elegance and brocade gifts boxes. Among them, the idea of Nut Blessing Gift Box originated from the Dragon Robe of Emperor Qianlong. In addition to dragons, there are many bat lines embroidered between the Dragon lines, and the flying bats convey blessings from heaven; Nuts Brocade Gift Box represents the cyprinus carpio, which is known as the rich and noble fish in ancient times and is a symbol of peace and friendship. It not only gives people the enjoyment of beauty, but also implies auspicious. And the moving cyprinus carpio even conveys the blessings of keeping money and prosperity in Chinese culture. The Nut Elegance Gift Box drawn from Cao Cao's famous poem named A Stanza of the Short Songs. Deer always represents elegance. Chinese people always say that a thousand-year-old deer is a pale deer and a two-thousand-year-old deer is a dignified deer. Besides, as the deer has the same pronunciation with fortune and happiness, it also conveys the meaning of auspicious longevity and work promotion.

The auspicious meaning of the products is suitable for Chinese people give gifts on festivals, and 98% consumers all give favorable comments.