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2019 ·

Jing Yang Fu Tea has a history of more than 600 years and is an intangible cultural heritage of Shaanxi. It is known as the "black-golden brick" during the age of trading tea for horses to consolidate the boundary at the origin of the ancient Silk Road.

Instead of the ancient packaging of the kraft paper with hemp rope, the current design utilized the four treasures of Qinling, Shaanxi as the main pattern, and created a unique regional culture of Xi'an by personalizing the animals and using the makeup and costumes of the Tang Dynasty's characters. The four charmingly naive national treasures are like traveling back to the Tang dynasty, and recognized by modern people. The text on the packaging can draw more attention to the endangered animals.

The fashion packaging of small brick and simple bagged suits the consumer group of tourist, young and fast-moving, spreading the Shaanxi culture as well as the urgency of protecting endangered animals in a way that young people like, combining both visual aesthetics and practicality.