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"TASTO" Bean Curd Packaging Design | Liu Wenqian - South China University of Technology

2019 ·


Fermented bean curd is a famous kind of traditional food in China, with over a thousand years of history. Not only does it taste good, but it has nutritional value, which is deeply loved by the majority.

The previous investigation found that several curd products on the market still use a relatively traditional and ordinary style in the packaging design. Considering the contemporary trend of product innovation and brand shaping in today's society, this could put a good product in a weak position.

This design is to improve brand recognition, combining traditional curd production technology with modern design concepts to carry out a re-design solution.

Design Details

The overall shape is from the traditional curd jar.

Graphic design combines fonts in traditional style, and simple patterns in modern style, which show the ingredients and utensils in the process of making curd, so that users can know more about fermented bean curd in a vivid way.

Color contains red, green and white to represent the three types of fermented bean curd, making it easier for users to identify.

The container is made of glass, paper and plastic for its cap. There is a small plate in the cap, which is convenient for users to place tofu on the plate when eating.