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2019 ·

This package consists of typical Chinese cultural elements such as calligraphy, painting, seal, and photographic lamp. Black and white, a representative of minimalism which are sharply contrasted colors, are designed as the dominant color. It displays a simple and original format, makes a clear and intact presentation. At this point, the overall lighting is sketched out in an original and natural atmosphere.

The wave implies that the product originates from the sea and benefits the people.

The process flow diagram of ancient salt-producing implies that the product "using traditional craft methods of braising", pure natural and pollution-free, of which customers can rest assured.

The map of Shandong Peninsula implies that the product is made in the coastal area of Shandong, where the people possess the excellent character of loyalty and kindness that is embodied in their salt products.

"Enjoy good quality sea salt in Shandong, appreciate good taste of life around the world" is not only an advertising language, but also a perfect interpretation of high quality of the brand.