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Mr. Kui | Simovision

2019 ·

Undergoing several times of adjustments and taking every stage including creativity, product, marketing and visual performance into comprehensive account, the design team finally decide to use the hyperbole technique of freehand sketching sunflowers to design. The team also proof several times when deciding the design concept of texture and craftsmanship. The team first recommends using the texture from the fsc certificate authority to fully demonstrate the concept of being environmentally friendly. Then, they suggest printing with soy ink and the external box should adopt saw tooth to seal up when the product interaction is being designed. In addition, the tinplate pull ring is designed for the can and aluminium foil bag is used as packaging for the internal bag. By doing so, the can can be reused. We wish that our design can showcase that beside originality, the design can return to the product itself and endow the product with better concept.