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SUKI SHOW Fried Chicken Packing | U&K design

2019 ·

Considering Fried chicken' s consumers are young group, the design team determined the brand style of cyberpunk, showing youth, experiment, science fiction and novelty. Accordingly, the packaging vision and appearance creativity of the product are mainly reflected in these following aspects:

1. Color -- The brand color is black, also present cyberpunk color and vision;

2. Appearance -- initiated the design of hexagon box, which was consistent with the supporting graphics. The team independently completed the design die-cut drawing of box, which was different from any products in the market.

3. Interaction -- There are number of scenes and tags on both sides of the box, so as to resonate with the commuters;

4. Science -- Considering the properties of the product, the team designed air holes in specific areas of the box, to ensure the heat dissipation and make sure the skin crisp;