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Chicecream Ice Cream | Chicecream Food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

2019 ·

Zhong Xue Gao, the name collects from three of hundreds of surnames in China, to prove its Chinese identity. The brand does not have a certain style, offers consumer diverse experience, and delivers environmental friendly products and concepts. These are the philosophies being advocated by Zhong Xue Gao. So the package designs also follow above philosophies.

First of all, the design elements are always as simple as possible, with white as the main color. The new Chinese minimalist style is the core design concept. The golden ration is applied on the two segments of the package and on the left side, it shows the lined Chinese tile shape, and on the right side, the brand name is printed with Chinese modern and ancient combined style, which presents you a new Chinese style.

Secondly, the whole package has a large area left blank, and the white space is simply for variation. The brand will use different product iterations and different crossover cooperation to fill the content in the blank space, it gives different consumers to perceive different Zhong Xue Gao in different consumption scenarios.

Furthermore, the design of materials, environmental protection and high-quality consumer experience are the brand's initial intention. So the team uses degradable white Kraft paper with delicate feelings as the packaging material. It is natural and pollution-free.

Finally what you see is not only the packaging, but a brand concept of Zhong Xue Gao.