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UniPak | RPC Ace Company Limited

2019 ·

UniPak comes in an abundance of shapes and sizes; the range is probably the most extensive one on the European and Chinese market. It is a classic and very flexible solution for a broad variety of applications.

Key benefits

. Protective collar

. Withstands hot filling and blast freezing

. Available in round, rectangular, oval and square

. Broad range of standard sizes

. Same lid fits several volumes

. Excellent decoration options with In-Mould Labelling

. Liquid tight, snap-on lid

. Visible deterrent to tampering is standard

A popular and cost-efficient solution

Whether you are looking for a square, rectangular, round or oval shape for your packaging you will most likely find what you are after in the UniPak range. It keeps your costs down: several pots match each lid diameter so you only need to stock one versatile type of lid for a range of sizes. With UniPak, there is no point in reinventing the wheel: Your flexible packaging solution is ready at hand.

Boost your logistics

UniPak is cleverly designed and allows you to optimize the use of every single pallet and thereby reduces warehouse costs. At the filling line, UniPak withstands both hot filling and blast freezing; during transport, a protective collar protects the UniPak lid and improves the stability of the pots.

In-Mould Labelling brings out the best of your brand

The display surface gives you premium options to present your brand in a razor sharp, eye-catching way - with a family image for a variety of sizes and shapes. Vivid color combinations, text and photographic images - the possibilities are close to endless on the lid and on the sides. For some sizes, even the bottom of the pot can be a platform for your communication with your consumers.

Make the best of your brand and product with In-Mould Labelling