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The Tea Language About Four Seasons · Caddy tea | Hu Zhongyuan - Sichuan University

2019 ·

The Tea Language About Four Seasons . Caddy Tea is taking four kinds of teas for four seasons. It uses a concise and interesting sentiment design style, with the vivid brushwork of Chinese ink and the gorgeous colors representing the four seasons to delineate the unique scenery of the four seasons. At the same time, it can resonate with the aesthetics of the younger generation.

Small cans are made of food-grade aluminium. The outer boxes are made of cardboard making the modelling of heaven and earth. The outer boxes of small cans are made of cardboard with three prisms and the outer boxes of tea sets are made of cardboard.

The shape of the tea set is taken from the hourglass, which represents the passage of time.

The external framework is made of wood and steel, and the main structure is made of two detachable water cups.

In the middle, there are two funnel-shaped structures used to fix the cups, and a filter net used to filter tea residue inside, with a heating base at the bottom.

When in use, the lower cup and the base are heated. After heating, the whole device is reversed to make the tea flow from the top to the lower cup and remove the tea residue. A cup of fragrant tea is ready to drink.

(There is a spiral mouth between the cup and the funnel, which can be fixed with each other. The middle structure has a filter screen, which can filter the tea. When the whole tea set is inverted, the bottom of the cup will follow the movable mechanism to fall, and he cup will fall on the base.)