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YISHENG Drink wine | Zhao Zheng - School of art, Nantong university

2019 ·

YISHENG wine has more than 100 years which was founded by Mr. Zhang Jian, the top scholar of late Qing dynasty, famous chines industrialist. As a century-old brand, YISHENG wine caught the first gold medal of at the 1906 world exposition in Milan, Italy. That was the first time for Chines win industry. "Yisheng traditional brewing technology" is listed in the provincial intangible cultural heritage protection list, with inestimable historical and cultural value.

YISHENG is a kind of healthy concept win. In order to create convenient consumption experience and catch the heart of young people, based on the color of the herb itself, entrant forms an active color with brilliant vision. Entrant creates the font and logo through the Eight Diagrams and Zhouyi, two famous ancient Chinese books. Entrant also extracts the elements of NANTONG, the first city in modern times where YISHENG is located, and gives play to the graphics to create the wine that young people like to drink.