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Shangluo Tea | Wang Peng - Xijing University

2019 ·

1. Design Description: This product is positioned as urban gifts for high-end consumer groups. The box type is similar to that of handbags. The two belts of packaging handbags use the belt of handbags. This packaging is aimed at people aged over 30 years old. The background color of this package is mainly black. The logo color is mainly green, with the pattern of small tea. The function of tea is isomorphic as the beginning of the Chinese character "tea". This pacakging introduces the characteristics of Shangnan tea, which embodies the high-end quality of tea without losing the tradition of tea, so as to highlight the high fragrance, strong taste and the quality to repeat steeping the tea of Shangluo tea. The design of two-tier boxes gives people a mysterious and novel feeling. Tea cans adopt the decorative form of ancient wine jars to express the long history of Shangluo tea.

2. Dimension and production technology: The main box type of this project: Outer carton packaging material: 3 mm thick carton paper, the outer carton paper packaging pasted with black hand-rubbing paper and its inside pasted with black rainflower paper, size: 33 cm * 93 cm; the two belts of the packaging handbag are fixed with rivets, load-bearing, size: 1.5 cm * 36 cm; Material of the two paper boxes: 3 cm thick carton paper with magic black dragon paper on the outside, the size is13*32cm, and the box is fixed with styrofoam to protect the tea set and tea can. The styrofoam is covered with a light grey silk cloth. The mouth of the tea can is sealed and decorated with the friendly Youzen paper in the method of ancient wine sealing. The tea can has good sealing ability, protects the quality of the tea and prolongs the storage time of the tea. Size of Youzen Paper: 11cm x 11cm.