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Yuan He Tang Preserved Fruit | Deng Yili - Fujian University of Technology

2019 ·

This packaging design is themed on the Chinese Quanzhou candied fruit brand ''Yuan He Tang''.

The candied fruit is a kind of ready-to-use food for both young and old. In order to convey a quick, instant, portable idea, the design team uses Japanese bento box as the outer packaging, which is not very common on the market. In the box illustration, the design team uses different seasonal landscapes on the boxes; When three boxes are stacked together, it is a picture of Quanzhou scenery with seasonal changes. The logo is a circle with a hand, the circle representing fresh fruit and the hand overlaying the fruit, meaning that the hand are picking fresh fruit to making candied fruit.

The whole packaging has a strong Chinese style, simple and elegant, giving people the feeling of healthiness and original ecology.