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Auspicious Time Friut | Yishuyuan brand design co., LTD

2019 ·

Most fruit packaging on the market lacks creativity and zest, and fashionable middle and high-end branded packaging is relatively rarer. For post-90s and post-00s, they have gradually entered the youth age and become the mainstream group of high and middle consumption, who pursue their own personality and fashion trend. From this point of view, we should focus on the shape of the fruit packaging at all times. Unique shape, bright color, distinctive main vision are gathered together to attract consumers.

In addition, packaging design should take into account both functional convenience and environmental protection of materials. Because many farmers and businessmen are pursuing production or bright color or preservation, leading to more drug residues in the epidermis than in the past, many people like removing the peel of fruit before eating. Some fruit is big, thus people need to cut and open. The sticky juice after eating makes people uncomfortable. The entrant believes many people have this kind of experience. In order to eat more directly and conveniently, a small fruit knife and appropriate amount of tissue should be added in the humanized package to remove the worries of the consumers. It is convenient for self-use, also a sweet gift to others.

Packaging’s uniqueness and corresponding texture enable it to be used as an art work to break the dull atmosphere. It also can be reused.