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Alternative Meat Co | Design Bridge

2019 ·


Create a food brand that targets those who know in their heart that they should reduce the consumption of meat in their diet but don't want to miss out on the taste and experience of meat.

The Solution

The solution offered by the design team alleviates the stigma that surrounds 'fake' meat and removes the FOMO Flexitarians get when they don't eat meat. A meaningful and desirable design language cuts through and connects.

The illustration-based design brilliantly delivers the brand philosophy of 'grown not bred' - We are not meat protein; we are plant protein. Our animals are in fact plants.

A big big big idea in an illustration.

Raw industrial texture, rich tasty colour, and urban-foodie photography merge to create a cool burger-joint aesthetic.

The client loved it so much that they cancelled research and expanded launch plans to new markets. C'mon.get on board the Alternative revolution!